Video, Karaoke, and Big Sound!


I’ve been singing karaoke for a long time, and I know how to turn the knobs just the right way to enable your guests to give their very best performance!

With a great selection of songs, there is something for almost everybody to sing! And as long as there is wifi at your venue, I can download new songs as they become available right away, meaning your singers are just that much more satisfied!


Music is my passion, but in today’s world,┬áit helps to stimulate your guests eyes as well as their ears!

With a vast library of Music Videos, it’s just one more way to keep people’s interest at your venue!

Big Sound

After years of DJ’ing Mud Bog Races, Bull Rides, Car Shows, Bike Nights, and more, I’ve collected a very powerful, yet compact set of equipment! Whether you’ve got an outdoor event, or a 12,000 Square Feet Room, I can fill it up with music!